do you have real estate sector in Mumbai

do you have real estate sector in Mumbai

sandip (anonymous)

do you have real estate sector in Mumbai

sandip answered

Dear Sandip,

We do not, at the moment, deal with real-estate in Mumbai. Our analysis shows that cities like Mumbai and Delhi, have very high property prices, thus reducing the possibility of a significant appreciation in the price, over time. (Please refer to the info-graphic below)

Since we are a service meant for property investors and not end-users seeking to live in the property, we favor cities with the best rates of appreciation. If you are an investor, I would recommend that you visit the properties section of the website and browse through the carefully selected properties listed there.  Those properties have been selected based on their suitability for investment and future profit potential.  Please note that, from an investment perspective, cities such as Bangalore offer a better combination of price appreciation, population growth and current affordable prices.


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