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All properties listed on SmartOwner come with a title opinion from a leading law firm
Only developers with an excellent track record are allowed to offer deals
Each project is pre-vetted for location, plans and pricing

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Upto 30% below market price



Properties starting from Rs $10,000



Pre-Vetted, pay through Escrow

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Purchase pre-vetted properties at a substantial discount from the current market price. SmartOwner negotiates with large developers to get wholesale prices.

Our early stage projects are backed by developers' collateral and iron clad agreements to protect all client investments. SmartOwner's legal team conducts thorough due diligence and only approved projects make it to you.


Book your property online to lock in the price and wire the purchase price to our escrow account.  SmartOwner allows you to purchase property with a flexible down payment of 25% to 100% of the property's value. If you pay less than 100% now, you can either:

(a) Sell the property through us or yourself later and the resale buyer pays the balance

(b) Pay the balance due before project completion and register the property


SmartOwner's marketing division provides end to end services to sell your property. If you choose to use our service, we will get your approval on the resale price before completing the transaction. Once your property is resold, the net sale proceeds are directly deposited into your Indian Rupee bank account through our escrow account.

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Pre-Vetted properties currently on offer

BLR-NEA-WHS, East Bangalore
Premium Plotted Development
BLR-NEA-SRA, East Bangalore
Premium Plotted Development
BLR-SRJ-MVC, East Bangalore
Premium Plotted Development
BLR-NSC-RPN3, South Bangalore
Premium Apartments
BLR-NNO-RPB, North Bangalore
Premium Apartments
BLR-NNO-RPB, North Bangalore
Premium Apartments
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Our Trusted Partners

We only work with leading firms that have an impeccable track record


Ernst & Young, BMR,
S R Batliboi & Associates



MD & T Partners,
Tatva Legal, J Sagar