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Invest in a premium coworking
space in India's hottest
real estate market
Earn consistent,
high-yield returns on a
quarterly basis
Relax and let your money work
for you while SmartOwner
handles the rest
About the project
MG1 is a new type of real estate opportunity, bringing commercial real estate into the portfolio of the everyday investor. The idea is simple: you help fund a premium coworking space and earn high-yield passive income, paid quarterly. With ticket sizes starting as low as  10 lakh, this is an opportunity you won't find anywhere else.
A One-of-a-kind Model
You are providing funding for half of the coworking space.
All commercial projects have two parts:
Building Shell:
Funded by Developer
Typically funded by financial
institutions or the ultra-wealthy
In the case of MG1, you will be providing the funding for the interiors.
By investing in this project, you gain access to a financial opportunity
normally reserved for banks and the ultra-wealthy.
Perfect Project. Perfectly Located.
India is at the heart of Asia's commercial real estate boom. Bangalore is at the heart of India's commercial explosion. MG1 sits in the heart of Bangalore.
What makes MG1 special:
  • Located in the centre of Bangalore's flagship commercial district
  • Area with the highest rents in all of Bangalore
  • Stellar occupancy rate in the area over the past 5 years
  • Bangalore is India's top commercial real estate market
  • Coworking spaces are the fastest growing type of commercial property
Premium Returns, Paid Quarterly
Exclusive SmartOwner Price
Principal  10,00,000  50,00,000  1,00,00,000  5,00,00,000
Quarterly Returns  64,119  3,20,596  6,41,192  32,05,961
Duration 6 years, amortized
IRR 16%