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We are India's largest marketplace for investors, offering opportunities not available on the general market.

We specialize in giving the savvy investor access to high-value opportunities, which are normally the domain of large financial institutions.

Safety Is Our Priority

Every listing on SmartOwner comes with a title opinion from a leading law firm.
Each project is pre-vetted for location, market trends, and pricing.
Every deal is carefully curated for minimum risk and maximum profits.

Why Purchase Through SmartOwner



High-return offers



Flexible purchase amounts



Pre-vetted. Pay through escrow.

Purchase in 3 Simple Steps


Purchase pre-vetted assets at exclusive rates. SmartOwner scours the market to obtain opportunities available nowhere else.

Every project is backed by iron-clad agreements written to protect all client investments. SmartOwner's legal team conducts thorough due diligence and only approves a project once it passes our rigorous standards.

Make your purchase online to lock in the opportunity. Next, wire the purchase amount to our secure escrow account.

SmartOwner allows you to purchase at a price that suits your portfolio, ensuring you get the most out of the unique offering.

Sit back and allow SmartOwner to handle all the legwork as you benefit from the upside. Whether it's ensuring you receive a quarterly return from a commercial asset or reselling a residential property for you, we've got your back.


“I'm a doctor by profession and have no idea how to go through these land deals. SmartOwner has been very reliable and gives me good returns.”
“With equity, it is linked to the market, so it can go up and down. Whereas with SmartOwner, I'm sure I've made profit on day one.”
“Investing through SmartOwner is really hassle-free because I don't have to look at the legalities of the project. I know the team at SmartOwner has taken care of that.”
“When you go through SmartOwner, you are exposed to a verified property, which means the entire pain of identifying a location and property is already taken care of by SmartOwner.”
“It's been a pretty easy and a comfortable experience. Sitting in Dubai and then you're getting your money credited to your account...well, wow!”
“Investment through SmartOwner gives me higher returns compared to equity, gold, fixed deposits or land on my own.”

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