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Profit from the future of real estate at the click of a button

A Slice of Tomorrow

The real estate of tomorrow will look dramatically different from the property markets of yesteryear.

Platforms like Airbnb disrupting hospitality
Coworking spaces transforming businesses
Co-living spaces redefining residences
Urbanization reshaping the fabric of society

SmartOwner, Asia’s leading real estate FinTech firm, specializes in identifying, funding, and offering the real estate deals of the future, allowing the discerning investor to own a slice of tomorrow at the push of a button.

Average IRR track record of SmartOwner clients
$1.3 Billion
Total value of projects funded to date
14 Million
Total square feet funded to date

Ranked by the Financial Times as the fastest growing FinTech firm in South Asia, and among the 100 fastest growing companies in all of Asia-Pacific

With so much complex change happening at a breakneck pace, getting in at the ground floor of real estate’s future can be challenging. SmartOwner makes it possible.

Our team of experts curates exclusive and lucrative opportunities maximizing cash flow and growth potential. We are highly selective about our offerings, and only 1% of the deals examined are offered to clients.

We utilize a proprietary high-tech platform to ensure that unlocking the real estate opportunities of the future is a secure and seamless experience, with clients being able to transact, monitor, and exit their portfolios through our online control panel.

Every SmartOwner investment is:


Lock in profitable opportunities in rapidly growing asset classes


Add to and subtract from your portfolio at the click of a button


Create a safe portfolio across asset classes and countries


Every offering is a unique deal not available on the general market

Whether it’s a coworking space in the heart of Asia’s fastest-growing city or a revolutionary short term rental portfolio in Dubai, SmartOwner helps you own a slice of tomorrow.

Real estate is the world's largest asset class, currently valued at

$228 trillion worldwide.

A paradigm shift in the sector is creating an incredible amount of wealth for those who are able to seize these new opportunities in the world's pre-eminent asset class.

How It Works

SmartOwner makes profiting from the FinTech revolution an effortless and straightforward affair. Investing through SmartOwner is as easy as three simple steps:



Choose from our highly curated offerings, then complete your transaction securely through our hassle-free process.



Receive payouts and stay updated about every aspect of your investment through our comprehensive control panel, while our team of experts takes care of the underlying assets.



Exit the project on our platform at the click of a button and have your earnings wired directly into your bank account.

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