SmartOwner in 3 simple steps

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Select Property


Select pre-vetted properties on at a substantial discount from the current market price. Developers offer wholesale prices on SmartOwner that they do not offer anywhere else.

Properties listed on SmartOwner are carefully structured to ensure safety.  Each project comes with a title opinion from a leading law firm and all project information is verified for accuracy.  In addition, for early-stage projects, Developers have to provide collateral and other forms of security before listing on SmartOwner.

Choose the best properties to invest in India

Purchase Property


Book your property online to lock in the price and wire the purchase price to our escrow account. You can purchase property on with a flexible down payment ranging from 25% to 100% of the property's value. If you pay less than 100% now, you can either:

(a) Sell the property later (through us or by yourself) and the resale buyer will pay the balance, or

(b) Pay the balance due before project completion and register the property in your name. 

Invest in property in amounts as flexible as your portfolio

Sell Property


SmartOwner's marketing division provides end-to-end services to sell your property. If you choose to use our service, we will get your approval on the resale price before completing the transaction. Once your property is resold, the net sale proceeds are directly deposited into your Indian Rupee bank account through our escrow account.

Property investment online through SmartOwner